E3TEK Group (E3TG) offers solutions in AI-based Cyber Defense, Drone Solutions, Power Systems and Humanitanian Ventures.

E3TG’s total functionality presently far exceeds our products' capabilities originally envisioned. Our security experts provide outsourced engineering services specializing in the implementation of AI, ssecurity, EMP protection and more.

E3TEK also offers EMP Proof Solutions & Capabilities and helps states, cities, and communities develop their Emergency Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans. E3TEK conducts All-Hazard Mitigation Assessments and Strategic National Risk Assessments (SNRA). We have conducted over 8,000 assessments for organizations in 32 countries. E3TEK has unique engineering expertise in the area of EMP mitigation. We are expanding into developing our own EMP testing facility that will be able to test control systems, enclosures, engines, vehicles, aircraft, and various grid components. E3TEK has expanded into supporting the Native American Communities by building homes supported by 100% off-grid sustainable solar energy and water pumping systems.


We offer solutions that span   Deployed by all branches of the military in war zones and at home.

Our goal is to use software to make security a part of the fabric of the network

Our emphasis is to complement available solutions to provide enforceable, TOTAL security over the entire spectrum of Internet, Wide Area and Local Area Network products.

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